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5 Marvellous Superhero T-Shirts and Hoodies – South Africa


With great power comes a great suit… But not all of us have money like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne to create our own Iron or Bat Suit. We’ve created some sweet looking superhero tees and hoodies that will make you feel like your favourite superheroes without having to actually battle the likes of the Joker, Venom or Darkseid.

T-Shirt: Sliced Spider T-Shirt (Inspired By Spider-Man)

Price: R229

Hoodie: The Harley Quinn Inspired Jacket and 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: R359 & R209

harley quinn jacket 

T-Shirt: Sliced Bat T-Shirt (Inspired By Batman)

Price: R229

Hoodie: Pool Eyes Double Identity Hoodie (Inspired by DeadPool)

Price: R399

Hoodie: BattleSuit Hoodie (Inspired By Avengers: Endgame)

Price: R499

BONUS! Want the closest thing to a Batsuit? Check out our Blue Crane Hoodie

The Blue Crane Hoodie ELITE


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