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Awesomeness to come from Youneek in 2019!

Say what, it’s 2019 already?! Flip man 2018 flew by. It was such a fantastic year for us to further grind out and solidify our spot in the eCommerce world. We are so incredibly humbled by the positivity surrounding our products and the service we provide. It truly motivates us to keep coming up with new products that aims to ‘wow’ and excite like no other products on the South African market. Here’s what we aim to thrill you with in 2019.

5. More Youneek T-Shirts, but with we’re changing it up!

We’ve always put most of our energy into making the most amazing hoodies on the market, and we still aim to continue doing so, but this year we’ll put a lot more focus into making our t-shirt range the most YOUNEEK range of t-shirts available in South Africa.

4. The Blue Crane Hoodie ELITE

You’ve been introduced to the Blue Crane Hoodie PRO and LITE. It’s time to take things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with the Blue Crane Hoodie ELITE. We’re so excited to make the ultimate hoodie even better! It’s going to be a banger!

3. The Party Tank Top

We’ve long planned to bring out a tank top that screams Youneekness. The Party Tank is a fun idea we’ve had for probably about a year now but we’ve just been so overwhelmed with other ideas that we never got to it. This year, though, the party will finally get underway!

2. The Blue Crane Onesie

Jislaaik we can’t wait to get this one out there for the world to see! Think of the BC Hoodie in the form of a onesie, but with the comfort of a lying in bed with a thousand puppies. Once you get into a BC onesie, you’re never going to want to get out of one!


We’re looking to expand our entire range bit by bit like every other year. We’ll especially be focusing on the following:

  1. New creative and spectacularly awesome hoodies – What can we say, we’re hoodie freaks. We love making them and wearing them. We’ve got at least 2 ideas that are absolutely nuts, as always.
  2.  New aprons – our aprons are hot sellers and we’ll definitely continue with the formula that’s working.
  3. Kidswear – more new funky, hilarious and eccentric kids tees and hoodies will be coming.
  4. Socks – still a bit of an unknown to us. We want to bring out our own range of socks, but we won’t be manufacturing them ourselves, which might be a bit pricey, but it’s an idea that’s floating around.
  5. Underwear – we’re super proud of our little funky range of undies and we’ll definitely be expanding it with new designs throughout the year.

Thanks for having a read! We hope you’ll like what we’ve got in store for the year. It’s gonna be a fun one 😉


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