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Top 10 Greatest Gift Ideas For Men South Africa

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Men South Africa

I think I speak for all the men out there when I say that we don’t mind getting those AXE Body spray gift sets, or those Nivea/Radox bodywash gift sets (we get it, we smell) every single birthday and Christmas, BUT there are actually a lot of other things we find way more awesome. Way, way more awesome! So here’s a countdown of the top 10 greatest gift ideas for men we could find (in South Africa) to make your gift hunt a little easier.

10. Personalised 6 Pack Castle Lager


A beer with his name of it? What sorcery is this? Don’t try and rub your eyes out, they are not deceiving you. You can actually get a 6 pack of Castle Lagers with any name on it. Now that’s ‘flippen’ cool!

Price: R249

From: Netflorist

9.Youneek Trunks (Underwear)

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, outdoor and text

We’ve made underwear great again! Youneek’s undies are the most comfortable and stylish undies in the game and is sure to be an amazing gift for any kind of man.

Price: R89 

From: Youneek

8. The Blue Crane Hoodie

Look, if you want to give him the coolest gift that will make him jump for joy and make you his favourite person ever, just get it over with and get him The Blue Crane Hoodie. It’s a super stylish adventure hoodie with over 20 mindblowing features, such as conversion to a travel bag, 13 overall pockets, a bottle opener zipper and many more.

Price: R1069

From: Youneek

7. Personalised Braai Aprons

Keep Calm Braai ApronBraai Apronbraai apron

Personalized items always make for special gifts. The man who’s at the helm of the braai carries great power, and we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. Make him proud to be instated with the braai responsibilities with his very own braai apron.

Price: R170

From: Youneek

6. The Adventure T-Shirt

It’s true. Guys tend to lose or misplace a lot of stuff! Make sure that those things aren’t keys, wallets, phones, or a beer with the ADVENTURE T-SHIRT, which has nifty pockets to safely stash away valuables and can even hold a beer!

Price: R239

From: Youneek

5. ManCrates


So these crates are filled with all the manly products you’d expect the traditional man to love. Sounds simple enough, but its creativity lies in its bold and mysterious presentation. Opening up a Mancrate is an experience on its own. Pity it’s a tad expensive one. Price: R643 -R1717 From: Mancrate

4. The Gentleman’s Beard Kit Treasure Chest


All these products are packaged in a wooden treasure chest that has a vintage feel to it. This kit oozes class. Exceptional value and a perfect gift for a bearded gentleman

Price: R570

From: Takealot

3. Personalized Man Clothing Kit


Clothing has stood the test of time as a great gift. With the personalized man clothing kit you can take it to a whole other level! The bundle comes with a hoodie, a t-shirt, a vest, sweatpants and a pair of briefs, at a great value for price. You can choose the colour of the kit as well as the branding and year of birth!

Price: R875.00

From: Youneek

2. Pool Pong

Pool Pong South Africa

We’ve covered a lot of beer products in this list, but hey what can I say, men love their brewski’s. And men love playing games invloving beer. There’s simply no substitute for a game of beer pong… Other than POOL PONG of course!

Price: R495

From: Youneek

1. The BraaiBoytjie Ultimate Braai Apron


This pretty much hits the sweet spot when it comes to gifts. You can’t go wrong with this apron if you’re looking for a unique men’s gift. It comes with a bottle opener, torch, built-in drink cooler, detachable hood and 5 pockets. The BraaiBoytjie is the braai apron every braai king deserves.

Price: R349

From: Youneek

That’s it for the top 10 greatest gift ideas for men South Africa. Let us know what you thought about the list in the comments below!


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