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Our new, reinvigorated clothing range!


As you may or may not have noticed, quite a few things have changed on our website. You’ll probably first have noticed we’ve changed our logo. This was an executive decision to become a more “brandable” brand.


Those of you that didn’t know, this was our old logo


Looking back on our history, we’re not ashamed to say that we’ve made a number of mistakes since our launch in August of 2015. After all, the best way to climb the ladder to success is to make as many mistakes as possible and learn from them. Rinse and repeat until you reach success.

Probably our biggest problems were with our clothing. We launched with such great excitement and that caused us to do everything with an unnecessary haste. While there was nothing particularly wrong with our clothing, we knew we were capable of so much more. We’ve hardly released any new items in our clothing range in the past 8 months, but that’s all about to change.

We’ve been working incredibly hard to reinvigorate our clothing line, and I am blooming with pride when I say that WE HAVE DONE IT! Our new clothing is modern, stylish, fresh, fashion forward, different and, of course, YOUNEEK! It’s everything we want our brand to represent and we can only hope that everyone else will feel the same way.


*This new reimagined clothing range only constitutes to the men’s range for now, but rest assured that the women’s range will be going through the same procedure SOON. We want our clothing to be your go-to clothing brand in the future, and for that to happen we are going to put all our time, energy and passion into everything we make from now on.


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