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Top 10 Coolest Geek Gifts In South Africa

Top 10 Geek Gifts

We live in an age where being a geek isn’t something to be embarrassed about anymore. Being geeky is cool these days, but it definitely isn’t cool giving lame geek gifts to your geeky friends and/or family! Fear not, since geeky products are a rare find locally, we put on our serious Batman faces and searched high and low to find the top 10 coolest geek gift ideas available in South Africa. Some of them from right here at youneek.co.za 🙂

10. Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome


“For those of us without green thumbs, gardening is a lot like playing the game of thrones: our plants win or they die.”. This epic little garden gnome will certainly breath some fresh air into the atmosphere of any garden.

Price: R335

From YuppieGadgets – www.yuppiegadgets.com/product/game-of-gnomes-garden-gnome/

9. Light-Up Hoodies

cool hoodie

The next step in the evolution of hoodies is here. Light up the night with Youneek’s 2-in-1 light-up hoodie! Made to wear the way you want, when you want, wherever you want! The Light-Up Hoodie is like no other product available, and that would certainly create a “WOW!” effect as a gift.

Price: R450-R480

From Youneek – www.youneek.co.za/product/youneek-light-up-hoodie/

8. Plug-n-Play Retro TV Games


Plug and play your way back to the future with the Retro TV Games Controller. The rush of nostalgia while revisiting the 8-bit world after all those years will be quite a joy to behold.

Price: R295.00

From Youneek – www.youneek.co.za/product/retro-games-controller/

7. Chewbacca Fur A5 Notebook


Geeky doodlers will love this one! The chewbacca notebook is sure to get the creative juices flowing just by looking at it. Probably the only notebook that looks amazing when you leave it anywhere.

Price: R219

From Raru: https://raru.co.za/merch/4772027-chewbacca-fur-a5-notebook

6. Lightsaber Chopsticks


What could be cooler than seeing your chop sticks light up, jedi style, while eating your favourite dish and going “om nom nom”!

Price: R320.00

From Mantality –  www.mantality.co.za/yoda-lightsaber-chopsticks.html

5. Tetris Lights


Seriously, how awesome are these lights!? Definitely a must have for the retro lovers. “Flash your retro credentials, and brighten up that minimalist apartment with this official Tetris Light that lets you redesign your desk lamp whenever you like.”. These lights will definitely have everyone in the room talking!

Price: R755.00

From Yuppie Gadgets – www.yuppiegadgets.com/product/tetris-light/

4. ‘Star Wors‘ / GoT Inspired Braai Aprons

starwors  braaivleisoppad

Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans, as well as their braai guests will be more delighted than ever to satisfy their hungers with these ridiculously awesome aprons!

Price: R160.00

From Youneek – www.youneek.co.za/braai-aprons/

3. Sphero Star Wars® BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid


“BB-8 has something unlike any other robot – an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands.” If you’re a Star Wars fan and that doesn’t give you a geekgasm then I don’t know what will.

Price: R2795.00

From Mantality – www.mantality.co.za/sphero-bb8.html

2. Batman Bat-Signal Projection Light


Becoming batman isn’t that hard after all. When darkness falls and the bat signal shines bright on the bedroom ceiling, you’ll know you’re needed… Probably to go walk the dog or change a dirty diaper, but hey, nobody needs to know that.

Price: R499.99

From Yuppie Gadgets – www.yuppiegadgets.com/product/batman-bat-signal-projection-light/

1. Geek Inspired Hoodies

pokeballadult frontcut IMG_2806 20160421_144555

Hoodies have the perfect design to recreate your greatest geeky dreams which you can then wear! There’s just something about getting a geek hoodie as a gift that warms a geek’s heart. The supreme quality fabric and design helps as well. Hoodies have always been an excellent gift for young and old(er), and it will be for many years to come.

Price: From R250.00

From Youneek – www.youneek.co.za/geek-clothing


That’s it for the top 10 coolest geek gifts. Feel free to leave your thoughts/suggestions about other geek gifts in the comments down below.



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