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Top 10 Greatest Christmas Gift Ideas For Anyone South Africa


Ho, ho, ho folks! It’s that time again where you need a remedy for the “I don’t know what to buy for them” headache we all experience. If you’re one of those people that are always left scratching their heads when it comes to Christmas gifts, then this is the list for you! We’re all frantically looking for Christmas gift ideas in South Africa that will ‘wow’ our friends, family or partners, so hopefully this will make things a little easier for you. Here’s our top 10 greatest Christmas gift ideas for just about every kind of person out there.

  • Something to ‘wow’ anyone!

#1: The Blue Crane Hoodie

A lot of people that have visited Youneek should be familiar with the Blue Crane Hoodie, but if you haven’t heard of it before, you’re in for a treat! The BC hoodie is a hoodie that fits over 20 amazing features in a single hoodie. It’s been dubbed as the ‘Leatherman of Hoodies’ by our local newspaper. It’s hard to explain everything about the BC hoodie without writing a whole essay, so it would be best for you to rather sit back and watch the 2 min video we made on it 🙂

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  • For The Braai Lover

#2: The BraaiBoytjie Ultimate Braai Apron

This pretty much hits the sweet spot when it comes to gifts. You can’t go wrong with this apron if you’re looking for a unique braai gift for a braaier. It comes with a bottle opener, torch, built-in drink cooler, mitt glove, detachable hood and 5 pockets. The BraaiBoytjie is the braai apron every braai king deserves.

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  • For The New Parents

#3: The Diaper Duty Apron

Every new parent should own one of our interchangeable ‘Diaper Duty’ aprons. Simply add the ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’ Velcro name patches to the apron to declare who’s officially on diaper duty! If you know some new or up and coming parents in your life, this is a surefire hit, especially at baby showers!

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  • For The Party Animal

#4: The Light-Up Hoodie

Our light up hoodie is a surefire hit among the festival-going party crowd. It’s a truly unique, new clothing item that’s sure to steal the next show you’re going to. Light up hoodies are lit with electro-luminescent wire that can be removed at any time, meaning it can be worn as a regular hoodie, whenever. Simply reinsert the wire again to wear as a light-up hoodie.

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  • For The Super Family

#5: The BatFamily T-Shirt Set

Na na na na na na na na BATFAMILY! BatDad, BatMom and BatKid will make one big happy BatFamily. Get the BatFamily T-Shirt set for the family who you admire the most to show them just how super special you think they are 😉

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  • For The NightOwls.

#6: The NightOwl Hoodie

Made by Nightowls for Nightowls. We all have those friends or family members that never seem to sleep, and although we contemplate whether they might be vampires, night-owls are a more acceptable term for them. This hoodie was made for those who like to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning.

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  • For The Fun, Semi-Fit Runner.

#7: Youneek Vests

Some people need an extra bit of motivation to go the full distance 😉 Get one of our hilarious Youneek vests for the fit, semi-fit or wannabe fit person in your life.

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  • For The Funky One.

#8: Youneek Underwear

You’re going to wear your underwear throughout 99% of your day, so for the love of pete, make sure it’s as comfortable as can be. We’ve gone the extra mile and have made the underwear you’re going to never want to be without. With super soft fabric, a quality flexible waistband, attentive to detail quality sewing and a range of eye-poppingly fun and radically stylish colours, you need to look no further than Youneek underwear!

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  • Something For The Gentleman

#9: Funky Bowties

Mantis Bowties are supreme quality handmade products that give you the fresh, unique and distinctive look without have to break the bank. Look your absolute best when you need to with Mantis Bowties!

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  • For The Cool Kids.

#10: Youneek Kids

The coolest kids on the playground are the kids that wear Youneek Kids clothing. Have the kids in your life become dinosaurs, penguins, dolphins, monsters or superheroes by having them wear Youneek Kids this Christmas!

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VOSK SHOES – www.vosk.co.za

Image may contain: shoesImage may contain: shoes

Our friends over at Vosk Shoes have a fantastic initiative with their super sleek and stylish sneaker brand. Their aim is to do good and look good doing it. Here’s a quick description from the owner, Wesley Vos, that sums up what they stand for:

“VOSK is more than just a sneaker brand. Yes, we love trendy footwear and apparel, but we also love making an impact. In fact, we love to ‘Imprint Africa’. What does that mean? It means, wherever we go, we try to help someone along the way.

So, with every pair purchased, we’ll give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. It’s pretty simple, you can be an ambassador and part of our community too. Just lace up VOSK shoes and help uplift our youth.”

We bought 2 pairs ourselves and we absolutely love them to bits! They are super comfy and radically stylish. What’s really unique about them is that the soles have the map of Africa outlined on them so you can imprint Africa wherever you go! Rad! There can’t be enough good in the world and what Vosk are doing is incredible to see. Support a good cause by supporting Vosk!

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